“Welcome to Zest and Fizz! I’m so ready to get into the kitchen. I hope you are too!”

– Julian, head cook at zest and fizz

Why cook?

So many people say that they don’t cook. While I honestly think they’re missing out on one of life’s great pleasures, I totally get it — growing up, I was too intimidated by processes and measurements to feel comfortable in the kitchen. Enjoying other people’s great food was enjoyment enough. But after I moved out of home, I had to cook for myself. One meal at a time, I discovered the joy of cooking — of pulling off a restaurant dish, of experimenting with food science, or of crafting a totally new recipe.

Our Philosophy

We’re all about:

  • Celebrating humble food
  • Understanding what goes into what we eat (both ingredients and processes)
  • Experimenting with new things without resorting to fancy, expensive or hard-to-source ingredients
  • Saving money by making the most of simple food
  • Having fun in the kitchen

Variety is king here, and that means celebrating great produce and making the most of it. I eat a mostly plant-based diet these days, which means a lot of veggies, pulses and grains. Whilst I love buddha bowls and chia pudding, I want to explore everything plant-based food has to offer. The world of plants is so rich and diverse that there are endless culinary possibilities. If I convince every person that stops by to cook one new plant dish or to try out a new veggie, then I’ll be happy.

Other Halves

The first place I go to for ingredients is our backyard. If you haven’t already checked out our companion site Melbourne Foodforest, then head over! If Zest and Fizz is about cooking and eating food, then you’re missing out on half of the story — growing your own food is one of the best ways to intimately understand what you eat and to reduce your impact on the natural world.

A New Experience

I want coming to Zest and Fizz to be a fun experience for you, so things are a little different around here. First of all, you won’t see any boring recipe cards here. Because some of my recipes can take hours or days (think bread or yogurt), all of my recipes are colour-coded and sized according to how long they take — you can literally see if one step is longer than another.

My guides pages are the go-to for sharpening your culinary skills, and my recipes will focus on guiding you through the ins and outs of achieving success; if you’re after more of a story, then my articles will keep you up-to-date with all the latest in our kitchen and garden.

Also be sure to subscribe to your YouTube channel. It features all of our latest recipes and guides.

I hope you’ve gotten a feel for what gets me into the kitchen everyday. Stick around, and I’ll put the zest in your cake and the fizz in your sourdough starter!